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Style and Benchmark


A renaissance of magical realism in which we can recognize something of Hayao Miyazaki's childhood worlds, or a remix of Neil Gaiman's mythology. A complex alternate world reminiscent of Harry Potter. All gently dusted with darkness a la Stephen King. A world completely unique and unprecedented.


Nicolas Fisher has been given a special inheritance. A sanatorium on the border of two worlds. Completely unprepared, he finds himself in a raging war between demonic forces and secret mystical societies. It seems that only he can prevent terrible disasters. Luckily, he gains a team of fearless friends: the Children of the Dream Clans, the Rusalka, and an alternative version of Albert Einstein: The Demon Hunter.


Dark fantasy series: 15+

10 x 45min


The sanatorium that Nicolas Fisher inherits lies on the border of two worlds. His father was the director of the sanatorium and the gatekeeper of the two worlds. After his father fell into a coma, that duty fell to Nicolas, and unprepared, he begins to discover the secrets of the institution and his duties. He discovers that the nuns, who care for the patients here, are actually dryads from the other side of the gate and are there to help him. So is his father's old friend, Albrech Zweistein, a famous scientist, occultist, and demon hunter.

Child heroes complete the storyline.


Nicolas falls in love with the dryad and nun Faustina, and for her sake, he gets into a cross with the Black Hunter: the hitman of the Illuminati. The ancient peace that reigned around the Dimension Gate in the sanatorium is disturbed. A war between the political forces of our world and a fatal attack by demonic forces from the other side is imminent.  There is no choice but to flee to the mysterious realm of Nyx. Nicolas and Faustina, the two children Peter and Sophie, and fortunately the experienced traveler Zweistein. On their heels is the terrifying Black Hunter and before them the gods, witches, and demons of the dream realm of Nyx.


It is necessary to reverse the events that have already happened in order to save the peace and, perhaps, even our world. We must travel against the tide of the River of Time. Fortunately, on the other side, a few allies await them against the darkness coming from Leviathan, resting in the abyss in the middle of Nyx.


Albrecht Zweistein diverted the course of history and the world as we know it no longer exists. The political order of the world looks completely different. On one side are the technical Illuminati, eager for power and destructive weapons of all kinds... On the other side are the Freemasons. They are more humanistic and oriented towards magic and alchemy. (Alternative form of left/right)

This version of reality was created by Zweistein to prevent the atomic apocalypse that his discoveries would lead to in the future. However, the dark forces have only found another form, and the end of the world has only another face. The terrible, fishy, demonic murder of Leviathan of the Abyss of Nyx.



The realm of Nyx is an elaborate universe, with its own mythology, history, topology and creatures. But above all, an unforgettable atmosphere and visuality. It's a world full of witches, ghosts and demons, lost souls and dreaming cursed poets in an opium haze.

At the centre of Nyx lies the Abyss and in it lurks the father of all demons: Leviathan (Allegory of Atomic Energy). Above the Abyss is the village where the souls of the children of our sanatorium dwell. Four rivers fall into the Abyss, and one of them is the River of Time, along which Zweistein traveled to change history. Nyx is connected to our world by the underground water of sacred springs, the dreams of children and poets, or the dark tunnels in forgotten graves.


River banks, islands and swamps are an amazing universe with strange laws. Its arms lead to every corner of the earth where people or their gods live. Whenever or wherever it is. In their depths lurk creatures like time leeches that can suck the time out of a man and thus rejuvenate him. In the swamps and deltas, a dangerous flesh-eating fog rises, eating away the faces of travelers. It can only be tricked by magical masks. Therefore, various shaman masks are an integral part of every Nyx traveler's armor.


The sanatorium is located in the mountains, in the healthy mountain air and healing springs. In the surrounding forests there are ruins from pre-Christian times. There were once shrines here, and priestesses guarded the gates and healed pilgrims with the help of this wondrous water. And it's not hard to guess why some of the prayers of the nuns here resemble nothing Christian.


Village on the cliff is the second epicentre of our story. It will play a role in the later stages. It's the shadow twin of the sanatorium where the souls of the "dreaming children" live.

As the River of Time flows past our village, anyone who reaches this point becomes a child and thus remains one. The river falls into the Abyss, where Leviathan lives. But even he has a child form, and few know that he sometimes visits the village in the form of Albinus. It's a dangerous place, but fascinating and beautiful.



Our hero is a classic torn romantic, often teetering on the edge of madness. He suffered a brain injury in the war, has a damaged memory and is often unsure of what is reality and what is delusion. If all the crazy things he ingests aren't just hallucinations. Despite his constant doubts, he has taken on his inherited role as director of the sanatorium and guardian of the dimensional gateway located there. With his help, we discover the incredible secrets hidden in the sanatorium. He falls in love with the nun / dryad Faustina. Their relationship is the cause of many problems.

"The plains of Nyx are endless and the fog here has claws and teeth.

Those without masks may lose their face. And I don't mean that as a metaphor.

It will simply eat your face."

Mr. Wu. The

Alchemist from the Plains

Your job is to be the gatekeeper between the two worlds and to oversee what goes in and out. Then on Midsummer's Hunt, you will summon an animal from the other side and it will be a sacrifice of atonement. The hunter who hunts it will then get his bride from among the rusalka.

Peace will be sealed.

Directions From the Book of Intermingling

NYX PTCH DECK ENGLISH (kopie).012.jpeg

Albrecht Zweistein

He used to be Albert Einstein, but then he traveled upstream in the River of Time and saw the horrors of the nuclear apocalypse his discoveries led to. He decided to take action and turned the tide of history towards humanism, philosophy and magic. But fate is not so easily changed, and the threat has only changed its face. The new apocalypse took the form of a demonic invasion. And so the scientist became a fearless demon fighter: Albrecht Zweistein. Our sanatorium became the key to his research. It was here that he met Nicolas' father. And from there, he and his son will embark on a second expedition upstream in the River of Time.

Child Heroes: Sophie and Peter

Sophie is the daughter of a German armourer, a fearless amazon who has leapt through the moon's reflection on the surface of the lake. Her comatose body now lies in the care of the nurses at our sanatorium, but her soul goes on to adventure in Nyx.

Peter used to be a weirdo and an outsider with an overactive imagination. He followed his dream and one day, while playing hide-and-seek, he walked through a neolithic cave into Nyx. He won the hide-and-seek game, but he never returned home. They both reach the village on the cliff and later join Nicolas' expedition. Before that, they have several encounters in Nicolas' vivid dreams.


Some call them Rusalkas, Oreades or  Dryades. Either way, they are handmaidens of  Hekkata, the goddess of crossroads, the moon and magic. Hundreds of years ago, when there were still pagan temples, they passed through the water gates of Nyx. They became priestesses to help the people. They can bring stray souls from the Other Side. Today, they present themselves as nuns of the Convent of Saint Bernadette. Some of the nuns develop terrifying fish teeth, so they always wear veils. The love story of Faustina and Nicolas is slightly reminiscent of Rusalka or The Little Mermaid.

NYX PTCH DECK ENGLISH (kopie).015.jpeg


The dark political force of Europe, the enemies of the Freemasons. They advocate a combination of technology and magic. They know the existence of parallel realities and are searching for the plans for the atomic bomb that Zweistein seemingly destroyed, along with our original version of reality.


Oswald Weishaupten: Nemesis of Nicolas Fisher.

A hunter of magical creatures from other dimensions.He becomes the winner of the ritual hunt for the Beast and gains the right to the oread Faustina.


Perhaps the most terrible demons magic has ever known. The mages of sunken Atlantis, unable to die in the depths of the ocean, have turned into demon fish. They grant the most depraved wishes of those who summoned them. In return, they ask only one thing. To borrow the body of the operator so they can live physically in our world. Temporarily at first, and eventually they will make their host a mere vessel. But now they threaten to invade our world through the Nyx Gate and conquer all of humanity.



1.: Intro: The descent into madness :

Nicolas Fisher is hit by nerve gas at the front. He's delirious and wearing a damaged gas mask. His memory is damaged and he goes into a frenzy from which he never fully awakens. For the first time, he sees a scene from Nyx. The forest with the hovering fish.

Here, the possibility arises that he is irreversibly brain damaged and the entire subsequent "fantasy" story, not coincidentally full of masks, is a figment of his trauma and damaged psyche. Several times during the story Nicolas doubts himself, and with him the viewer, whether this is reality or just his deranged view of the world.

odstran text.017.jpeg

 I.: Heritage:

Nicolas will inherit the "madhouse" - the Sanatorium. He inherits the "Sanatorium" from his father, with whom he has not been in contact for years. He is still not fully recovered and everything is somewhat in a fog, which he tries to hide from the world. The sanatorium and its surroundings are a magical mountain idyll of lakes and ancient ruins. There are young and beautiful nuns caring for delirious and completely deranged children. The main theme of this section is the Myazaki-esque exploration of all that is hidden beneath the surface: a place on the border of worlds, children and ghosts passing back and forth through gates in the mountains.  The nuns are not nuns, but Rusalka - Orcas guarding the borders of worlds. Nicolas falls in love with one of them, Faustina. Albert Einstein appears on the scene. A former associate of his father's who has conducted research into physical and occult anomalies here in the past. In our story, all his discoveries come from there. (In Nyx, many physical forces are metaphorically represented by beings.) Together with Nicolas, he searches for the reasons for his father's coma, local mysteries, but most importantly, the nature of Nikolas' heritage:

The Fisher family name is part of the title King Fisher. He is supposed to guard the borders of the worlds along with the Rusalka and, in case of danger, solve problems beyond the world. Among other things, to hunt the demonic fish that seek to infiltrate and take over our world. The Fisher King wears a kind of spacesuit - the essential visual of the project, with a characteristic mask, reminiscent of the gas mask in which he was injured.

II.: Easter procession of masks. The hunt for the creature from another world. Soiree at the Black Hunter's Inn.


The story expands into the wider surroundings of the sanatorium: the adjacent mountain town. We discover that the magic of Nyx is intertwined with local folklore and customs. We see this in the Easter procession, which is reminiscent of our carnival. Surreal masquerades, referring to the Rusalka, the Fisher King and other monsters. The people of the valley are making preparations for this holiday. The first part of the story, which takes place in "our" world, culminates here:  In addition to the folk festival and feast, there is another gathering in the small town. For a small circle of chosen ones. Nicolas receives an official invitation to the soiree and is to perform a sort of ritual role he has little idea about. It takes him a long time to find out everything that is involved and what his task is. His father's journals, the library and the Reverend Mother - high priestess of all Rusalkas, are particularly helpful. The result of the search is: The Valley has a Patron and a Protector. It is a social elite of nobles and priors of secret societies like the Illuminati, Rosencrucians and others who once waged war for control of the entrance to Nyx. Nyx hides many powerful secrets and forces. So peace was made, and the Valley gained its independence, and was promised non-interference from all parties in power. To seal the deal, a Hunt for the magical beast of Nyx is organized. Nixolas' job is to let it in from Nyx. "Open the floodgates." Nikolas later discovers the rest of this custom: and what is the prize for the winner of the hunt. The hunter who catches the mythical beast gets to spend the night with one of the dryads sisters. This would ritually and rather paganly renew the contract.

II.a: the beginning of an end:

Easter begins. The patrons of the Secret Societies gather in the town. Nobles, mages, alchemists, and above all, the Hunters - witch hunters. One of the noble Hunters, the archetype of the Black Hunter, Oswald Weishaupten, questions Nicolas' claim to the title of King and is generally somewhat conflicted towards him. He also manages to track down Nikolas' affection for the Russian woman, Sister Faustina. And trouble is brewing.

II.b Prize for the winner

The day of the hunt begins with complications. Nicolas's father wakes from his coma and flees. It turns out that the sisters themselves were behind his "coma". He was possessed by a fish demon and therefore kept under opiates. But now he's managed to break free and has done something to escape. When Nicolas opens the floodgates to allow the hunted animal to escape into our world, a number of demons slip through unnoticed and the demon-possessed people begin to appear in the valley and cause mischief. However, in all the confusion, the hunt is on and the winner is Oswald the Black Hunter. The choice of his trophy is clear. He wants Nicolas' rusalka, Faustina.

Now it comes to light that their relationship is deeper than it seems. Conflict ensues and the Black Hunter challenges Nicolas to a duel. Panic breaks out as the possessed people begin to wreak havoc on the town. The blame falls on Nicolas. Years of pent-up strife begins to erupt between the participants in the peace meeting and everything comes crashing down. The participants are on the move and a new war for the Gateway to Nyx is imminent.

The viewer discovers that Oswald is Nicolas' younger twin brother. He is determined to kill him and seize the title of Fisher King for himself. He's also on his trail on the other side.


In the course of the first part we also expose the secondary lines of these two children. Both children have taken different paths to Nyx and will later be reunited with Nicolas. Sophie, like the other children in the sanatorium, lies in a coma and her soul wanders in Nyx.


Peter is a misfit and adventurer who managed to walk through a magical cave while playing hide-and-seek and is having a great time here. The children in our world didn't understand him. He's at home here.


The escape has torn our community apart and the series will focus on bringing it back together in an unknown, terrifying realm full of magical creatures, demons and man-eating witches. To find the River of Time and return upstream to the past.


A quest in ruins: Nicolas' rusalka Faustina is captured by his brother, Oswald the Sorcerer.

He's hot on Nicolas' heels with the captive rusalka. Einstein has fallen captive to the Witch of the Marsh and must serve with her and become her apprentice. Which he wouldn't mind so much (he finds it fascinating), but he's loyal to the expedition and his friends. Plus, the Witch has rather harsh practices.

Nicolas finds himself in Nyx with only his father's journal. He tries to avoid all dangers and find his way to the Village on the Cliff by following his notes.


After a long adventurous journey through the Plains of Mist, he meets a blind boy from the Village. He is a soothsayer who lives in seclusion in the swamps and can read fate from the movements of fireflies. Nicolas leaves him with a series of hints and riddles on how to put his quest back together and fix what went wrong. He must contact the foxes and send a message

to the king of the fox tribe: Bad Boy, the arch-enemy of the Witch of the Marsh,

to give Einstein a chance to break free from captivity. Together, they are then to seek

out the immortal alchemist Mr. Wu, prove themselves with a gold coin from

Soare at the Black Hunter's Hotel, and have him enchant a pistol with which they can

defeat their brother Oswald. There is no other chance, as Oswald has signed a contract

with the Devil and will need a magical weapon against him.

His first steps will lead him to the Village on the Cliff, where he will team up with Peter and Sophie…


Nicolas and his expedition are confronted by the Joker. The Joker (Joker, Fool, Jackal, Shiva, Rye). A character known from tarot cards. He's the one who shuffled the cards and is behind the whole situation. The Joker can also stand in for any card/person. It's kind of like the spirit of Nyx. Clues to his existence will be deployed in the previous storyline. The Joker puts Nicolas to the test: once again, Nicolas finds himself on the battlefield, where he is poisoned by nerve gas and everything is a dream. He must fight a battle between whether everything is a hallucination or reality. In the end, his love for Faustina will decide whether he decides to believe in the world of Nyx.

(Playing with a physical phenomenon - based on Shrodinger's Cat. Both options exist until Nikolas chooses on one of them.)

He also discovers that his father's plight was primarily due to his brother Oswald, who hungered for the title and power of Fisher King and made a deal with the demons. A battle is fought with magical weapons and the wounded Oswald is eventually imprisoned in the Abyss, where Leviathan, the progenitor of both good and evil fish, resides. The living heart of Nyx. Faustina is freed and the entire expedition is set in motion.

All are about to travel up the River of Time. Many dangers and creatures await on the river, time travelers, plus one can step off the river and find oneself in different time periods. There are leeches living in the river that can suck the time out of the infected time travelers and thus rejuvenate them. Einstein takes it and arrives at his destination as a child. (He temporarily decides to live with his children in the Village on the Cliff.) Nicolas takes his seat in the Valley as the more-than-enlightened Fisher King. And finally, the eventual HAPPY END !

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